Nick Jr. - “Dora Values” Director’s Cut


We've all been there. The first day of school, trying a new vegetable, learning how to ride a bike; life has its challenges. Making a spot has its challenges. But we did it. We created a beautiful brand spot for Dora the Explorer with our friends at Nick Jr. C&E director Moh Azima helmed this touching spot.

Shout Out: LoveFail Series


Get your awkward online dating on with the new web series,, created by C&E writer/producer Julia Price Baron. LoveFail follows a Brooklyn-based single 20-something female, Angie, who, reeling from a recent long-term relationship breakup, embarks upon the daunting, humorous, and awkward world of online dating. Each episode features Angie on an increasingly disastrous date. The pilot and Episode 2 have already been released. Episode 3 launches next Wednesday 1/29 at 9a EST and new episodes recur every Wednesday at 9a EST for 4 consecutive weeks.

Nickelodeon - Lil’ P-Nut - Walking With Dinosaurs


Benjamin Flores, Jr., aka Lil' P-Nut may be small, but he raps a big game in this exciting "Walking with Dinosaurs" movie promotion we just wrapped with Nickelodeon. The spot was directed by C&E's duo Sean Patrick Kelly and Steve Figueiredo.

Nicktoons - Wild Grinders “Concept Trailer”


The new season of Rob Dyrdek's Wild Grinders is going to be AMAAAAAZING! Just like this concept trailer we made with our friends at Nicktoons. The spot was directed by C&E's Creative Director, Jamie Hubbard.

Food Network - Holiday Design Package


The Holiday Christmas sweater…whether sporting it ironically or rocking it Grandma-style, everybody loves the crazy patterns and textures. For the holidays, we got Food Network into knit - warming up their promo packaging and IDs with some stylish new threads.

YEAH! TV - App Spot


If you made it to this year's NY Comic Con 2013, you probably saw this custom spot we made for our friends at YEAH! on the big screen! Between writing, shooting, and designing, we crafted a seamless piece that shows you all that YEAH!'s new app can do for all you movie lovers.

TLC/Farmers Insurance - What Not To Wear


Our friends at TLC asked us to create a sleek, co-branded spot, promoting its final season of What Not To Wear. So we created a modern handbook, highlighting some of the show's expert tips. Don't forget, it's about more than clothes.

Intel - Product Launch Film


Imagine how your life would change if you could do your job 1000 times faster. If you can do something a thousand times faster, you really don’t just do the same thing. It fundamentally changes the way you do things. Our friends at Intel asked us to create a launch video for their new SSD DC 3500 series solid state drive that communicates this technological innovation in an inspiring and heartfelt way. They loved it, and so do we.

Live with Kelly and Michael


The Oxygen sizzle we worked on for "Chasing Maria Menounous" made it on Live with Kelly and Michael. Watch here!

Big Time Rush - “24/Seven”


2,000,000 views! That's right. Rushers have gone wild for 24/Seven, the music video we edited for Big Time Rush’s latest pop single.

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