Executive Creative Director

Sign: Virgo
Right-handed/Left-handed: Left is the best!
Introvert/Extrovert: Mega extrovert who occasionally needs alone time
Thinker/Feeler: Feeler but with Spock/Data-esque logic circuits.
Hidden Skill: Speaking backwards
Beach or Mountains: My zen is snorkeling but I call it snorking
Like your Eggs: eggs whites only, severely well done
Cook or Eat Out: cook vegematarian food
Goes to bed at: 2ish?

What’s your favorite…?

  • Season: Picnic
  • Candy: Nerds
  • Time of Day: After midnight
  • Pet: Panda Boo Bear
  • Punctuation Mark: The parentheses. (love)
  • Holiday: Purim
  • Word: Wonder
  • State: Of the art
  • Planet: Kobol
  • Color: Glitter
  • Animal: Pandas and cats and cats named Panda
  • Band: REM/The Hold Steady