Jamie Hubbard

Chief Creative Officer

Sign: Virgo
Right-handed/Left-handed: Right
Introvert/Extrovert: Extrovert with introverted tendencies
Thinker/Feeler: Thinker
Hidden Skill: Motivating
On your iPod: A lot of new music
Beach or Mountains: Mountains in the winter, beach in the summer
Like your Eggs: Over easy
Cook or Eat Out: Cook
Goes to bed at: 10
Wakes up at: 6

What’s your favorite…?

  • Board Game: Scrabble
  • Season: Fall
  • Candy: Chocolate
  • Time of Day: Morning
  • Ice cream flavor: Chocolate peanut-butter
  • Pet: Squeaky
  • Punctuation mark: Question mark
  • Holiday: One that I can actually take
  • Verb: Do
  • Band: Bowie
  • Celebrity: None
  • Subject in school: Humanities
  • Room in your house: Bedroom