Krypton | Legacy of Fandom


It’s the 80th Anniversary of the Superman franchise and SYFY is launching their newest installment of the saga — a brand new show called Krypton!

SYFY asked CAUSE+EFFECT to conceptualize a spot celebrating the legacy of Superman fandom and exploring the power and omnipresence of one of the most recognizable icons of all time, the Superman S (also known as the crest of the House of El).

We directed, produced, designed, composited and edited this tribute to the most super symbol.


  • Executive Producer | Jason Zemlicka
  • Chief Creative Officer | Jamie Hubbard
  • Executive Creative Director | Bex Schwartz
  • Art Director | Nick Jernigan
  • Writer | Gianna Orzo
  • Post-Producer | Gianna Orzo
  • Editor | Hernan Bornas
  • Designers | Corey Ryan, Whitney Theis, Marcin Zeglinksi
  • Colorist + Compositor | Corey Ryan
  • Sound Mix | Plush