Optane Memory | Pancakes


Intel came to us with a question; how do they clearly articulate what Optane Memory™ does and how it works? Understanding this groundbreaking technology shouldn’t be complicated- in fact, we thought it should be as easy as making pancakes! Helmed by ECD Jamie Hubbard and Art Director Nick Jernigan, this expertly designed and animated fully CG spot breaks down how Optane Memory has all the necessary ingredients to make PCs more responsive, and ultimately more powerful.

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  • Executive Producer | Jason Zemlicka
  • Executive Creative Director | Jamie Hubbard
  • Director | Jamie Hubbard
  • Art Director | Nick Jernigan
  • Producer | Allie Hess
  • Animators | Corey Ryan, Marcin Puduski, John Magbanua, Bhakti Patel
  • Designer | Nick Jernigan
  • Editor | Hernan Bornas
  • Mix | Explosion Robinson