Summer Escapes Campaign


Catch some seriously sinful summer vibes with this spot we conceptualized, produced, and animated for Lifetime’s Summer Escapes stunt! Lifetime is celebrating summertime with a brand new movie every week – that means murder, mayhem and maybe a few stalkers along the way. Our VFX team used a mix of cell animation and hand drawn elements to create this sizzling look. Sit back, relax and tune in for your weekly summer escape under the sun.

Social Media Campaign

Much like our Deadly Resolutions campaign, we once again created new, highly sharable content by captioning “memeable” moments from the original animated spot. Lifetime utilized this content throughout Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


  • Executive Producer | Jason Zemlicka
  • Chief Creative Officer | Jamie Hubbard
  • Art Director | Nick Jernigan
  • Executive Creative Director | Bex Schwartz
  • Producer | Gianna Orzo
  • Animators | Whitney Theis, Billy Woodward, Ann Kruetzkamp, Corey Ryan
  • Editor | Hernan Bornas
  • Writer | Gianna Orzo
  • Sound Mix | Zak Engle