Architect of the Future | Brand Film


Cause + Effect continues its exciting partnership with Intel, developing strategy and shaping the launch campaign for Intel’s 3D XPoint; a revolutionary breakthrough in memory and storage technology. This brand film establishes the need for memory storage that processes big data sets quickly and efficiently, paving the way for Intel’s launch of a truly innovative technology. Our design team was tasked with bringing Big Data to life in a visually compelling way…We think they did an amazing job. Take a look into the future with Intel’s Architect!


  • Communicator Gold Award of Excellence - Corporate Image
  • Communicator Silver Award of Distinction - Visual Effects
  • Pixie Award Gold - Motion Graphics
  • Pixie Award Gold - Visual Effects
  • Silver Telly - Online Video: Art Direction
  • Silver Telly - Online Video: Visual Effects

and Design

Shot from his POV, we’ll see his hands holding an SSD. As he talks, the surface of the SSD will shift and change, a city will grow out of the surface, a self driving car will drive across the surface, a representation of medical treatment will build out, etc.


  • Executive Producer | Jason Zemlicka
  • Director | Jamie Hubbard
  • Live Action Producer | Josh Rothfeld
  • Creative Director | Jamie Hubbard
  • Art Director | Nick Jernigan
  • Post Producer | Allie Hess
  • Designer, Animator | Nick Jernigan, Scott Cannon, Corey Ryan
  • Designer, Animator | Pete Germano, Chris Vranos, Michael Rigley
  • Editor | Tom Colella, Brock Bodell
  • Music | Pilotpriest